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November Featured Member – Fill THE Gap
October 26, 2010, 8:29 PM
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Based in Missoula, Montana, Fill THE Gap is a company focusing on health and safety. Heat and air conditioned air loss evaluations are the next most important tests performed.

A multifaceted approach to heat loss and human health and safety is taken.  This includes air leakage, forced furnace duct leakage, and worst case combustion air zone testing and infrared thermography. Fill THE Gap provides consulting, pre-construction and professional witness services.

The money lost in residential and commercial buildings is costing Western Montanans potentially millions of dollars each year. Evaluations and recommendations from Fill THE Gap help to offset these costs considerably.

The major issues found with customers are air leaks and poor insulation. The list of odd situations continues to grow as each building has its anomalies.

Poor construction, EVEN in new buildings, leads to considerable heat loss through air leaks!  A classic example of this is a home with tongue and grove on the vaulted ceiling proved to have no air barrier. The heat loss was outstanding and would not have been found without thermography as the base of the ceiling started at 15 feet and ran up to 26 feet high. No test other than that which we provided would have found this out.

Another example was that of a client that was found to have hollow core doors for all the entrances to their house.  There were six such doors. This was found out through thermography.

Back drafting of furnaces and other gas-fired appliances can be deadly.  Finding out about this is critical for you.  We provide this type of evaluation by setting up a worst-case scenario of venting and depressurization of your building. Evaluating this is of great importance since the results can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or fires.

Most homes have insulation.  However, the wrong insulation or improper installation of insulation can be disastrous.  An evaluation by Fill THE Gap provides an assessment of these and other problems. Excellent reporting provides a superb reference at better understanding the fixes. In fact, using this type of information to support the purchase or sale of a piece of property is invaluable as most people forget about the things they can’t see!

In our bag of tools is a thermographic infrared camera. Thermography is used to evaluate the heat signatures, or differences in heat displayed in the camera. The camera used by Fill THE Gap is extremely sensitive and can detect differences in temperature as little as one degree. It is up to the certified thermographer to fully understand the findings in each of the images.  Thermography is used for residential, commercial and industrial purposes of identifying missing insulation, air leaks, and roofs leaking water, prescriptive maintenance of motors and other mechanical equipment.

Fill THE Gap began in 2009 and has been serving customers in the Western Montana Region since its beginnings. Fill THE Gap personnel are confirmed verifiers for Energy Star Homes Northwest and Level l Thermographer.



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