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October 26, 2010, 7:12 PM
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Thank you Team!!!

I’m back from the 320 mile Climate Ride California!!!  It has taken a couple days for the soreness to leave my legs, allowing me to walk normally!  A few things come to mind……I should have spent a lot more time in the bike saddle training for the ride…..WOW!  I also was reminded by how amazing our planet is, and how truly fortunate we are to be able to spend our lives here, and to fight for its continued stability (within the ranges that humans need, anyway).   I was initially intrigued by the idea of a week-long bike tour to raise funds and awareness about climate change, I thought the physical challenge would be interesting and that I would meet interesting new people.  Having ridden the week out…… the scenery reminded me of my love for the natural world and my awe at its many forms, especially REDWOOD trees….which are amazing!  I was not sufficiently prepared for the physical challenge, as training time with two small kids and a business to run was scarce.  I will remember the week, however, because of the great and diverse qualities of the other riders.  They were quite a range, from 12 – 74 years old, incorporating almost every type of work in our society and all driven by various visions of the future we collectively want to pass on to future generations.  The small actions that everyone is taking on the individual scale are building a movement – a schizophrenic movement (that I sometimes liken to a circular firing squad) – but building it nonetheless!  Large change will require that a coordinated effort amongst voters and citizens FORCE policymakers to recognize that preparing a low carbon development path, a renewable energy based economy and adjusting our consumption patterns to mitigate climate change is in our self-interest, and our national interest!  From the young turks twittering along the ride to the documentary film makers, to the grassroots door-to-door signature gatherers to corporate CFOs all of these people have a different approach to how they bring this concept into their daily life – and it was their enthusiasm, in the face of so much pessimism, that will forever remind me of the week I spent pedaling, sweating, smiling, and sometimes swearing, down the coast!

I’ve uploaded some photos from the ride to a website.  I took a lot of photos, but tried to keep the slideshow short enough to be seen without getting bored….. I know how it works.
You can see the photos at (click the slideshow in the upper right corner of the webpage and it’ll take off for you!).

With you help I was able to raise $3,120!!!!  That is almost $10/mile!  Perhaps it should be weighted more for the uphill miles and less for the downhill …….. J  I am honored that all of you thought my effort worthy of so much, and also that you are taking strides on your own to bring about some meaningful change in our approach to climate change.  The three beneficiaries of the funds will make more bike trails, lobby US politicians to enact climate change legislation, and promote the power of the group to leverage large producers to factor climate change and emissions into their manufacturing processes.

Quite an interesting chapter in the book of my life!  I thank you all for being part of it!  It was quite a ride!  I will forward a link to some videos that other riders were making as they come available.
Your humble rider!!!

Keegan Eisenstadt
ClearSky Climate Solutions
office: +406.721.3000 ext.1241
fax: +406.721.5912
cell: +406.207.3947


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