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Locals have 4x economic impact over nationals
March 3, 2010, 12:05 AM
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Locals have 4x economic impact over nationals

How much of a greater impact do local retailers have on nationals? The Urban Conservancy recently completed a study with Civic Economics to answer just that, called Thinking Outside the Box: A Report on Independent Merchants and the New Orleans Economy. Keep in mind this is just economics, and not considering the cultural impact on the local neighborhood.

According to the study, when compared to leading chain competitors on a per square foot basis, local retailers:
– generate twice the annual sales;
recirculate revenue within the local economy at twice the rate;
– have four times the economic impact in terms of wages, profits, procurement of goods and services, and charitable giving.

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We need YOU! 2010 Sustainability Award Nominations
March 2, 2010, 7:16 PM
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It’s time for us to select our 6th Annual Sustainability Awards!  You can help by nominating entities and individuals you think are deserving of a sustainability award.  We are looking for Missoula area entities and individuals who address all three aspects of sustainability – planet, people and profit.  During the selection process, a slight preference is given to entities and individuals with significant impact on sustainability in the Missoula area.  We are looking for nominations in four categories:

• Sustainable Business of the Year

(a business that exhibits all three facets of sustainability – planet, people and profit)

• Sustainable NonProfit of the Year

(a nonprofit that exhibits all three facets of sustainability – planet, people and fiscal responsibility)

• Sustainable New Venture of the Year

(a business, project of an existing business or new product line that began in the last 2 years)

• Sustainability Advocate of the Year

(a person who has made significant contributions to sustainability efforts in Missoula in the last year)

To nominate an entity or individual, please send the following information in an email to by March 31.

  • The entity’s or individual’s name
  • A contact person’s name if it is a business or nonprofit
  • Contact phone or email if you have it
  • A brief description how this entity, project or individual incorporates all of the aspects of sustainability

Thanks for your help!

4 Tips For Buying CFL’s For Your Business
March 2, 2010, 12:53 AM
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In this tight economy, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to cut operational expenses and provide service to their customers. One area that offers opportunities to save now is lighting for your offices and buildings.

Starting in January 2012, all lamp technology sold in the U.S., including both incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) will be required to meet efficiency requirements set by the Energy Independence Security Act.

Currently most incandescent bulbs do not meet these requirements leaving room for the growing CFL market to brighten. A money-saving and environmentally friendly way to do so is to start to convert your building’s lighting to CFLs.

According to Energy Star, each CFL bulb installed saves an average of $5.41 in energy costs, 51 kilowatt hours and 78 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year. The number of CFL shipments has grown tremendously from 21 million lamps in 2000 to 397 million lamps in 2007.

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By Richard McNitt
Published February 22, 2010