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• Mission-Vision-Core Values
August 31, 2008, 5:56 PM
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Mission-Vision-Core Values

We envision a network of vibrant local economies and caring communities that are based on renewable resources and clean, efficient practices and that lead to a healthy environment, rewarding employment, and a high quality of life.

To foster that vision, we will provide education and technical assistance to help businesses, organizations, and individuals in Montana adopt sustainable practices that protect and enhance the environment, the region’s economy, and our local communities.

In this role, we will work to:
• Develop greater community awareness and acceptance of sustainable business and consumption practices;

• Increase the number of existing business and organizations in the Missoula area committed to sustainable business practices, making these practices the norm;

• Raise the level of sustainable business practices used by SBC members and others in the community;

• Foster the creation of new sustainable businesses and organizations in the Missoula area;

• And improve community support and patronage of SBC members and local sustainable businesses, making sustainable purchasing the norm.